Ronald Beach, PhD 

Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

About me

Hello and welcome to my small portion of the virtual world. My name is Ronald (Ron) Beach living in San Diego, CA. On the professional side of my life, I was the Director of US Manufacturing for LSI Logic and after closing our Wichita facility, now concentrate my efforts on teaching/consulting as an organizational sociologist. I am working on launching a management consultancy specializing in organizational leadership and employee team-role assessments that increase the levels of success on the job.

The trail to this website began about three years ago when I started to follow the work of Larissa Meek, the Assoc Creative Director for AgencyNet. She proposed the layout and took time to teach me new ideas and concepts on how to use the web. This is a prime example of the young teaching the old how to be creative with the use of technologies. Let me take a minute and tell you a little about myself. My parents bought and sold taverns so it is hard to claim any single place as my home. I was born in San Louis Obispo, California but spent most of my young life in various cities in Arizona. My sister and I even attended a two-room school in Ehrenberg, Arizona (1st ~6 in one and 7~12 in the other).

During high school my social life was limited to different groups that I was in. There was the Civil Air Patrol, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Explorer Scouts and weekend rides with the Phoenix Police Department. My parents taught me the value of earning my way so I pumped gas, delivered papers, and worked in a plastic bottle factory after school. The best thing that happened in High School was meeting my sweetheart, Wendy. We went to our senior proms together and dated for two years. Out of High School I joined the Marines and we were married on boot camp leave. After 40 years (two sons and two grandchildren later) she is still center of my life. My best friend.

I am a very proud Marine (once a Marine, always a Marine). My field was Avionics on F-4 Phantoms and a member of VMFA-232, Task Force Delta in Nam Phong, Thailand, supporting operations in Laos and Cambodia. My professional career started as an electronic technician and has progressed up to plant level management in manufacturing. I firmly believe in volunteerism and have served on different Board of Directors for non-profit organizations. Since I always wanted to be in law enforcement, I put myself through two police academies and worked as Santa Ana Reserve Police Officer for five years. While I am a certified scuba diver, sky diver, and hold a green belt in Tae Kwon Do, my main passions are taking cruises, adjunct teaching, and studying the Titanic.

I am a late bloomer to college. Being the first to graduate from high school in my family, I went back to night school at 40 to complete my undergraduate degree at the University of Oklahoma. My very first college class was a correspondence course while sitting in the jungle. The bachelor degree took me 22 years, the Masters was faster (5 years) and completed my PhD after 6 years. I am now a full time Assistant Professor and Program Chair with Ashford University. That leads up to the development of this website. My idea of retirement is teaching an online college class from whatever cruise ship we are on at the time. While that may not sound feasible to some, technology has allowed me to do exactly that on six different cruises. I hope to use this website as a way to communicate with other adjuncts across the country and provide background information to my students. We are enjoying life so much that it almost makes me feel guilty but I will try to get over it.

Thanks for dropping by and come by again to see what has been improved upon. I am working on adding cruise reviews and photos.



Iguazu Falls, Argentina


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